Tips when renting a car in Exuma

When renting a vehicle, make sure that you walk round it and check it thoroughly when you collect it. Ideally, in the presence of the car rental representative, using video and/or images if possible. Make sure that all defects are highlighted even if they appear small and insiginifcant. Check the vehicle exterior, including the tires as well as the inside and include the fuel indicator. Note that you will be required to return the vehicle with the same fuel level. Do the same thing when returning the vehicle. Remember that driving is on the left in Exuma and you may have a right hand drive vehicle. This may be unfamiliar, so take it easy until you get used to it and please stay on the left side of the road, unless overtaking. Don’t drink and drive and stay alert when driving. Although the roads are getting better, there are still many potholes and hazards to navigate. Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful island of Exuma.  

Here are a couple of recomended rental car companies.